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Custom Handmade Jewelry- How We Make It 2.3

Here at Hunt Country Jewelers we make custom handmade jewelry- from start to finish.  And when we say start, we mean it.  We often start with a rough gemstone, cut it, and hand build the setting for it using the lost wax casting method.

In this series of videos we have captured that process for you!  Here is our latest video, Chapter 2.3: Casting and Grinding.  As you will remember from our earlier videos, which you can see on our How We Make It page, we have chosen to make the mounting for our aquamarine as a half-ring first.  We will show here how we cast the wax half ring into a metal half ring.  The process is the same for a fully carved wax ring, but the half-ring allows us to have a truly identical and symmetrical ring when we are finished.  Carving a full ring is a much better technique for designs that call for asymmetry or curving organic lines that do not necessarily repeat.

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