Hunt Country offers full service appraisals; our appraisals include a detailed description of the piece, including weights and sizes, and photos. Appraisals are billed at $125/hour, and we can usually complete up to 3 pieces of jewelry in one hour. There is a $75 dollar minimum for appraisals.

Appraisals take up to 2 weeks; we prefer that you leave the jewelry with us so it can be cleaned, measured, weighed, and photographed. A single piece can be sometimes be photographed and detailed while you wait, but only with an appointment. Appraisals for groups of jewelry larger than 15 pieces may take longer than two weeks.

Our appraisals are for current retail replacement value, as required by law. Most insurance companies will accept a receipt of purchase within one year instead of an appraisal. 

Most jewelry should be re-appraised every few years to prevent under or over insuring your jewelry as the market changes. We are happy to recommend Jewelers’ Mutual as a great insurance company to work with and can provide you with some basic information about the policies if you wish.

Appointments are appreciated.

Shoebox Appointments

Bring your shoeboxes full of jewelry items that need to be identified and sorted! Carolyn will sort through your box with you, identifying which pieces should be appraised, or are suitable for consignment, which pieces are costume, and which are real, but may not warrant an appraisal.  

This is a broad first look at inherited or collected pieces; identifications are subject to verification and are meant to provide you with information as you make decisions regarding your collection.

There is no fee for a Shoebox Appointment, no written valuation is provide, and an appointment is required.

Basic Watch Services

Hunt Country Jewelers does offer in house basic watch services including watch battery replacement and link removal.  We do not service digital, solar, or wooden watches.  Some brands require proprietary equipment and must be sent to the manufacturer or an authorized repair shop for maintenance.  Some brands are trickier than others to work on; Invicta, Fossil, and a few others are worked on at the customers’ risk and we will not be held responsible for loose hands or scratched backs. We are no longer able to adjust stretchy watch bands.

Batteries are $20.

Links are $15.

We are not offering send out watch repairs at this time due to increased shipping liabilities.


Hunt Country Jewelers services all our own work in house.

At this time we are unable to accept any jewelry we did not make or sell for repair.

Jewelry Consignment

The Cozy Fox Estate Jewelry, a division of Hunt Country Jewelers, Inc, offers jewelry consignment services.

Please make an appointment to discuss consignment options with Carolyn.

Metal Buying

Hunt Country Jewelers hold a precious metal buying license from the Town of Purcellville.  Our license dictates a 10 day waiting period for all metals purchases.

Commissioned Custom Jewelry

Hunt Country Jewelers produces approximately 125 custom pieces of jewelry commissioned by clients each year.  We work in 18K gold, all three colors, and platinum for commissioned works; we do not work in silver for custom designs.  We can source the diamonds and gemstones for your project or we do accept center and other large stones you already own.  We will consider using melee, or small stones, from pieces you provide on an individual basis.

Commissioned Custom Jewelry starts at $1200; our current timeline is about 12 weeks from your design appointment until your jewelry is finished.  We do have a rush option, the rush fee is assessed on an individual basis.  We can, generally, provide an estimate for your project during your Design Consult; if you chose to proceed at that point we will ask for a deposit to hold your place in the line.

We ask that all commissioned projects due for Christmas be booked by October 31.  Appointments for Design Consults are much appreciated.