Hunt Country Jewelers -- a premiere family owned jewelry store in Northern Virginia – can be found in the beautiful hunt country of western Loudoun County. Offering a wide range of jewelry– from familiar traditional pieces to sleek and modern to our signature organic designs --Hunt Country Jewelers creates custom handmade jewelry to satisfy all ages, styles, and budgets.

The Cutshall family has been working with gems and precious metals for almost 40 years. From the mines to our store, we have been involved from beginning to end with taking raw materials and turning them into high quality, custom, handmade jewelry.

What sets Hunt Country apart from other jewelers in Northern Virginia is our devotion to craftsmanship which has resulted in a diverse and unique portfolio of designs, including several national and international award-winning creations.  In addition, the study of gemstones and lapidary expertise has yielded many precision cut colored gemstones and our own patented diamond pattern called the Jubilant Crown.  We have a practiced eye and can provide our expertise in assessing or appraising your existing jewelry and/or family heirlooms. Better yet, let us create your next heirloom piece to hand down to the next generation of your family and beyond.

Drop in and see us sometime, or visit our convenient on-line store to view and purchase our products.

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