A Family of Artisans, A History of Design, A Passion for Handmade Original Jewelry

Hunt Country Jewelers designs, and creates custom handmade fine jewelry using natural gemstones. With three generations of experience creating handmade fine jewelry we have the passion and experience to create a unique piece of fine jewelry for you.  We strongly that jewelry is a way to capture a moment in time; a special memory, a special person, the trip of a lifetime. We love to be a part of that moment with jewelry you can wear every day for a lifetime to remind you.

We use only the finest materials and the highest levels of craftsmanship to create approximately 200 original pieces of jewelry a year; about half for our ready to purchase inventory and the other half a custom commissioned work directly for a client. Browse our Original 18K Gold and Platinum Jewelry to see what we have in stock today or our Gallery of Archives to get inspiration for your next commissioned project.

We pride ourselves on touching as many parts of the process of hand making jewelry as we possibly can- from importing gemstone rough and cutting it in house, to designing and crafting each original piece in our own workshop. We can’t wait to craft something just for you!

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Final Video: 2.7 Assembly and Finishing

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  • Green Tourmaline Ring in 18K Yellow Gold with Diamond Accents

    $2,495.00 $1,871.00 Sale!
  • Ring #3277

    Peridot Ring with Diamond Accents

    $2,475.00 $1,732.50 Sale!
  • Ring #3121

    Cabochon Tourmaline and Diamond Ring

    $6,975.00 $4,882.50 Sale!
  • Ring #3309

    Cabochon Aquamarine Ring in 18K White Gold

    $2,595.00 $1,946.00 Sale!