How We Make It

How We Make Our Custom Handmade Jewelry

These videos were created in an effort to show how a piece of handmade customjewelry is made here at Hunt Country Jewelers. We found that even our closest friends have very little insight as to how jewelry is made at all, let alone how we differ from the industry standard. Almost every piece made at Hunt Country Jewelers goes through a very similar process as what’s shown below.

The videos were also made in house at Hunt Country Jewelers, so please note two things. One, we’re jewelers and not professional movie producers and two, they get better as we go. Regardless, we hope you find these videos informative and hopefully even a little fun.

Chapter 1: Cutting the Aquamarine

1.0 Mozambique Aqua Rough

This video shows a 360 degree view of the aquamarine piece of rough used for our video series.

1.1 Pre-dop Introduction

The second video here explains a little about the piece of rough used, what we are looking for and see in the rough and what comes next.

1.2 Dopping the Aqua

This video shows how we dop the aquamarine in preparation for cutting.

1.3 Cutting the Pavilion

This video features Claire Cutshall cutting the pavilion of the aqua.

1.4 The Transfer

This video shows Ed Cutshall transferring the aqua on the dop from the pavilion to the crown in preparation for Claire to finish cutting the crown.

1.5 Cutting the Crown

Cutting the Crown and the finished Aqua.

1.6 Uncut to Finished

This is a brief before and after showing the uncut aquamarine and fully faceted gemstone.

Chapter 2: Designing in Wax

2.0 Introduction to Wax Carving

In this video, Ed Cutshall demonstrates the basics of our wax carving technique.

2.1 Designing in Wax

This video features Ed Cutshall carving the design for our Aquamarine ring. From a sketch to a completed half-ring, this shows the process of carving a piece in wax.

2.2 Disassembly and Spruing

This video covers how the prototype gets disassembled and how it gets sprued in preparation for casting into silver.

2.3 Casting the Prototype

This video shows how the wax half-ring prototype is cast and prepared to be molded.

2.4 Molding and Half Ring Assembly

This video shows how a prototype is molded and then two wax half-rings are assembled into a wearable ring.

2.5 Working in Pink Gold

With the half rings assembled, the 18K Pink Gold portion of this ring will be cast into metal, cleaned up and the seat for the aquamarine prepared.

2.6 Back in Wax

This video shows the final waxwork in preparation for all of the white gold accents for the aqua ring.

2.7 Finishing and Assembly

At long last, the aqua ring is brought to a finish!