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5 Unique Custom Diamond Engagement Rings

5 Unique Custom Diamond Engagement Rings
by Hunt Country Jewelers

Classics are great, but when you want something different for your engagement ring custom is the way to go! Here at Hunt Country we are very, very good at custom jewelry; we work with you to design something that captures your vision without sacrificing any structural integrity, hand carve you a wax model to review, and cast, set, and finish it for you in house.  So if you have a vision, or are looking for something you can’t find anywhere else- start here with 5 unique custom diamond engagement rings we have made at Hunt Country!

Art Deco Elevator Diamond Engagement Ring

This custom diamond engagement ring design started with the client asking for a vintage style showstopper; which evolved as we spoke and sketched into Art Deco Vintage.  Then further specified as Art Deco Architecture- like the flourish above doors and elevators. Et voila! The Art Deco Elevator Diamond Engagement Ring  featuring a 2 ct baguette diamond as the show stopping centerpiece was designed with our client for a surprise proposal- she said yes!

Salt & Pepper Pear Shaped Diamond

Diamonds come in all sizes and shapes- and COLORS! This salt and pepper diamond engagement ring has a whole world of natural wonder inside and each one is unique in a way white diamonds aren’t. We added the geometric and textural design elements after sketching with the client for a totally custom and one of a kind engagement ring!

Vintage Art Deco Style Reproduction Engagement Ring

Traditionally, these domed diamond rings would have been manufactured using die striking, but we get pretty close with our hand carved lost wax! This custom reproduction was created for a client’s diamond with custom cut sapphire trillions and hand carved wheat patterns to replace a beloved heirloom that couldn’t be restored.  

Rose Gold Organic Curlicue Diamond Wedding Set

Diamonds- gemstones in general-can be set in a number of ways and Hunt Country excels at creating settings for our custom engagement rings that are integrated into the design, like this combination of full and semi bezel settings created as part of the organic, flowing aesthetic.  This set has been designed to be worn together, despite the non linear edge! I love the choice of rose gold to further set this wedding set apart from the crowd and I love that these rings were designed together to make sure they fit together perfectly!

Marquise Diamond Starburst Engagement Ring

Lots of diamond engagement rings have halo designs, but this halo combines the traditional smaller round diamond halo with a large marquise diamond and the unique six smaller marquise diamonds in a starburst layout to make it a unique diamond engagement ring meant to be worn alone without a wedding band.  The finger coverage and way the design expands both in a North/South and East/West direction means no band is needed!  This was important to the client who wanted a single ring to serve as both engagement ring and wedding band.  We were sure to set the marquise diamonds so they are protected and secure for many years to come! 

All our jewelry at Hunt Country is designed and hand made right here in our Virginia, USA workshop by designers, metal smiths, and lapidaries Ed, Claire, Logan, and Carolyn Cutshall.  A true family affair, we’re a two generation family shop dedicated to crafting heirloom jewelry pieces in 18K gold and platinum.  This piece was created directly for a client as a custom commissioned ring. Want to commission us to craft a custom piece of diamond or gemstone jewelry for you? Contact Carolyn to set up a Design Consult! Or if you need a diamond engagement ring faster than the custom process can deliver browse our in stock, ready to ship worldwide inventory of Hunt Country rings!