Kids Gemology Detective

Kids Gemology Detective Kits are Being Upgraded!

Want to be a Gemology Detective?  We have the perfect event for rock lovers, gem collectors, and budding geologists and gemologists!  Everyone will have the chance to see how we use gemological testing equipment such as a refractometer, microscope, Chelsea filters, lapidary wheels, and more, to learn how we, as Gemologists, identify and classify gemological minerals.

Designed and led by Graduate Gemologist Logan Cutshall and Graduate Gemologist in Training Carolyn Cutshall, The Kids Gemology Detective kit was developed for kids who love rocks.  If you, too, have a window sill full of collected rocks and minerals in your kitchen this kit is for you!

Within the framework of the scientific method, we discuss the tenets of gem identification including creating a hypothesis and evaluating our results, color theory, light refraction, density, polarity and crystal structure.

Join us in person or online and use your kit to identify and explore the beautiful world of gemstones!

A Note: These videos were made in house at Hunt Country Jewelers; we’re jewelers and not professional movie producers and two, they get better as we go. Regardless, we hope you find these videos informative and hopefully even a little fun.

The Kits include:

A Jeweler’s Loupe
Gem Tweezers
Gemologist Notebook
Gemologist in Training Stickers
A Quartz Geode
A Sweet Treat
A Kids Gemology Detective Mystery Stone Worksheet
Gemstone Identification Reference Cards
Carrying Case

Pre-Order an At Home Kit

Join us on YOUTUBE to learn how to use everything in your kit, explore gemological equipment, and learn all about gemstones!

A four part video series covers the tools in your kit, color theory, light refraction, polarity, gemstone inclusions, and more as you explore the gemstones in your Kit and work with us to identify them.

Our new, upgraded kits are available for pre-order and are expected to be ready for delivery in October 2022.

Join Us for an In Person Event

Join us IN PERSON at Hunt Country Jewelers in Purcellville, VA for a 2 hour guided session using your Kids Gemology Detective Kit to identify your mystery gemstones.

Classes are on Thursday or Saturday morning 9-11am.

This in person event is designed for children ages 7-13; parents are welcome to stay or drop off. Due to space, non-participating siblings may not stay during the class.