Kids Gemology Detective!

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Love rocks?  We do too!  The Kids Gemology Detective Kit includes everything you need to get started in gemology and gem identification! Our At Home Kits include:

  • A Jeweler’s Loupe
  • Gem Tweezers
  • Gemologist Notebook
  • Gemologist in Training Stickers
  • Gemologist in Training Pencils
  • A Quartz Thunderegg Geode
  • A Sweet Treat
  • A Kids Gemology Detective Mystery Stone Worksheet
  • Gemstone Identification Reference Cards
  • Gemstones!

Follow along with our Kids Gemology Detective videos (See Below) to learn how to use everything in your kit, explore gemological equipment, and learn all about gemstones!

Kits are $20, Free Shipping

Introducing Your Gemology Detective Kit video is now Live! (See Below) New videos exploring many gemology topics will be posted weekly!

Want to be a Gemology Detective?  We have the perfect fun family event for rock lovers, gem collectors, and budding geologists and gemologists!  Everyone will have the chance to see how we use gemological testing equipment such as a refractometer, microscope, Chelsea filters, lapidary wheels, and more, to learn how we, as Gemologists, identify and classify gemological minerals.

Logan Cutshall, Graduate Gemologist and Geologist, and Carolyn Cutshall who is a Gemologist in training are in the midst of putting together a video series to demonstrate the steps to identifying gemstones!  From introducing the items in the Gemology Detective kit to the basic properties of gemstones to actual identification, we have the honor of introducing a whole mini world of knowledge to young and established audiences alike!  Videos 1 and 2 are posted below and with Video #3 being in production now, we hope to have it finished within a week or so.

Until recently, this was a local event only, but now with the the first video posted online, everyone can participate from home!  We’ve geared this towards a younger audience with the starter kits and intro video, but plenty of science in the videos for more mature audiences to hear and digest for anyone interested.  Thank you for watching!