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More Handmade Jewelry in 2017!

More Handmade Custom Jewelry: Our 2017 Goals

So I feel like we spend a lot of time around this time every year discussing what went well, what did not go well, and what we would like to happen as we move forward in our business.  And since this blog is my focus right now, it seems like a I should put our 2017 goals out there to the world, because we have big plans and big dreams for Hunt Country’s handmade jewelry and we want you to be excited with us about what’s in store.

So here they are:

  • MORE INVENTORY: Christmas just about cleaned us out this year; our poor beryl case is looking particularly naked. We’ve taken this as a sign that we need to produce more, more, more pieces for our inventory that will be ready to size, ready to ship, and ready to wear!  We’re calling 2017 The Year of the Bench because that’s where Ed and Logan plan on spending all their time!  You can see what we currently have in stock on our Original 18K and Platinum page– and find our new pieces here as the roll in this year!
  • ENGRAVING: We’re in the midst of researching in hopes of purchasing our very own engraving machine. Our engraving options have become more and more limited as the old world hand engravers retire but requests for custom one of a kind engraving have increased.  If you are going to all the trouble to produce handmade custom jewelry you ought to be able to add custom engraving!  We don’t have a hard timeline for this addition yet, and I’m sure there will be a learning curve, but we feel this is going to be an important addition to our business and the services we can offer on site!
  • THE BLOG: This is my personal goal for the business. We have this great space available to communicate with all of you lovely people, to answer questions, or get more in detail than an Instagram caption allows for.  I want to use it- I’m going to use it!  So keep me accountable and keep in touch!

    Wearing some sparklies to keep me motivated! | Sapphire in 18K rose gold; 18K rose gold midi ring; Tanzanite and diamonds in platinum by Hunt Country Jewelers
  • EVENTS: We had a blast last year with our first ever Jewelry Detective event, we’re going to be doing a few of those throughout this year. And we always love our Western Loudoun Studio Artists Tour weekend, and the festival days in Purcellville.  We’d like to add one more kind of event- it’s still in the fledgling stages, but we’ll keep you posted; think party and a chance to wear all your fancy jewelry that you never get to wear out anymore 😉

    Gem Identification and Jewelry History at The Jewelry Detective | Hunt Country Jewelers
  • COLLABORATION: A high tide raises all ships! Who’s out there and wants to collaborate? Let’s do a photo shoot together, or create an Instagram pod, or create some fun displays.  If there is anything I learned in 2016 is it the power of creative entrepreneurs to get things done!  Let’s get together and make more magic happen!

    Pink Tourmaline pendant in 18k yellow gold; Pink Tourmaline in 18k yellow gold ring; Black Opal in 18k yellow gold ring by Hunt Country Jewelers | Wedding Dress by The Valley Bride | Image by Leila Marie Photography

What are your jewelry goals in 2017? Do you have a stone you are hunting for? Are you looking to add a right hand ring?  More handmade custom jewelry is always a good goal!