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Color Trends: Yellow Gold

I have a theory: I think that metal colors come and go in fashion because no one wants to wear what their own mother wears, which then means we go back to wearing what our grandmothers wore. Our 1980’s brides were all about the yellow gold; the mid 90’s to 2010 brides were all about the white. Do you see where I’m going with this? Yellow is back, baby!

We’ve always worked in all colors of gold: yellow, white, and rose (even green – did you know there was green gold? It’s not super popular for good reason). But we are color specialists and some gemstones just scream for yellow, so it’s never gone out of our design vocabulary. Now we are seeing so much more demand for yellow gold, both for gemstones and diamonds. Brides, and jewelry wearers in general, are looking for that bold pop of warmth, the contrast of the soft gold against the white diamonds, and the history of the color that has been coveted since the dawn of time.

Gold works in so many styles from delicate chains and charms to chunky and bold statement pieces. We perennially favor a few extra grams of gold for comfort and longevity and I particularly like going big in yellow gold. White gold is great for blending all the sparkle together, yellow gold makes all those stones and details stand out – might as well go big on the details and let the naturally attention-grabbing yellow gold work to its max advantage for you!

We like to work with 18K gold for our custom handmade jewelry. 18K is 75% pure gold, so it’s got a higher pure gold content than 14K. That extra density serves you very well over the life of the ring and the higher the gold content the richer and brighter the gold color is too. We also work in 22k if a particularly bright and high shine gold is called for.

How do you feel about the return of yellow gold? One of the greatest things about working with us for custom handmade jewelry is that the options are unlimited! We are thrilled yellow is making its come back because it offers the opportunity to truly think about the stones you are using and how you’d like to frame them!