5 Unique Gemstone Engagement Rings

While diamond may be what springs to mind when you think ‘engagement ring’, gemstones have a long history as love tokens, promise rings, and engagement rings. We have archeological and historical evidence of gemstone marriage rings in ancient Rome, medieval England, and beyond. So why not explore gemstones for your engagement ring? As lapidaries of color gemstones ourselves we love gemstone engagement rings!  So enjoy this collection of 5 unique and unusual gemstone engagement rings we have made here at Hunt Country Jewelers.

Offset Emerald Jacket

Want flexibility to wear a diamond engagement ring OR add some color? Consider a gemstone jacket! This set was designed so the pear shaped diamond could be worn alone, with bands, or with the angled oval emerald band. The choice of two colors of metal highlights the two different stones and lets you mix metals to your hearts content.

Teal Concave Cut Sapphire

Sapphires come in a myriad of colors naturally; synthetic sapphires have opened that world even farther.  This synthetic teal sapphire was custom cut by our dear friend and lapidarist Gene Flannigan of Precision Gem for this project and I love the way to concave cutting adds an unexpected facet pattern to this bright color.  The starburst effect returns light to the eye in a different way than traditional facets; it’s perfect for one of a kids designs! Rose gold and a complex mixed shape diamond band design set this ring apart from the crowd in all the best ways. 

Organic Floral Blue Sapphire

Traditional blue sapphire is the second most common engagement ring choice after diamond- for good reason! This ring is designed with Hunt Country’s speciality- open, organic, floral curves and lines. Diamond leaves and graceful negative spaces make this ring feel light as air and delicate as a flower. 

Pink Sapphire Three Stone

Three gems is a traditional layout; three pink sapphire emerald cuts is less traditional! Ed combined these gorgeous pink sapphires with a bold band- wider, with bas relief carvings and a stippled background to contrast with the bright pink. This engagement ring can be work with any band, but is bold enough to be worn alone!

Oval Alexandrite & Diamonds

Alexandrite is the color changing variety of chrysoberyl; originally found in Russia and now found many places worldwide, this Brazilian alex has a jaw dropping purple to teal color change.  The natural color change phenomenon makes alexandrite special, but it’s also tough enough to be worn as a daily engagement ring.  This ring lets the center stone shine, highlighting the two colors with crisp diamond side stones and nothing else!

Bonus! Onyx and Black Opal Inlay!

I couldn’t resist one more! This custom black opal and black onyx inlay ring in yellow gold was created to be worn as a standalone engagement ring and wedding band.  Ed and Logan were able to carve the two gems to fit together in a curved connection inside an oblong oval frame. A truly one of a kid design, every inlay is different and this one can never be created exactly the same again!

Unique gemstone engagement rings are one of our favorite things to design and hand make here; the options, colors, design styles available are endless. Cutting, designing, and making these engagement rings is just simply, FUN! So if you are looking to step outside the diamond engagement ring box into the world of color, unique design, and exceptional craftsmanship- drop us a line to start your own custom project!