Custom Peridot Jewelry: A Greenery Green

Color Trends: Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year, Greenery

Peridot in 18K yellow gold by Hunt Country Jewelers

Always an exciting announcement for design geeks, the Pantone Color of the Year is a predictor of trends and a fun way to think outside your default color pallet. And you can add this year’s Color of the Year to your collection with a piece of custom peridot jewelry from Hunt Country Jewelers!

Image: Pantone.com

This year’s Color of the Year is Greenery, a bright leaf green.  In gemstone terms, we would call this color medium to medium light in tone, green with a yellow undertone, and medium saturation.  The gemstone that comes to mind immediately for me when I see the color Greenery is Peridot.  The oft maligned August birthstone is lamented as a pale yellow green, low on saturation and impact.  But that is because most people have never seen fine peridot!  Forget that commercially available pale peridot, fine peridot is rich, saturated, and sparkly.

Peridot, cut by Claire Cutshall, ring and pendant suite in 18K yellow gold

Part of the Olivine mineral family, peridot is always green (yellow to green), but it can span the green spectrum from almost clear to a deep olive green.  Fine peridot hits the sweet spot in the middle- a breath of fresh air, the color of the first leaves of spring, and the mossy quiet of the forest.  It’s found in many places around the globe, but the finest colors are mostly found in China and Pakistan.  That’s where we get our peridot rough before we hand it over to Claire to be turned into a fine precision cut gemstone.

Peridot rough from Pakistan

I love peridot in yellow gold- it talks to the yellow undertone in the stone and makes for a rich expensive looking combination.  Peridot is also one of the more affordable gemstones, so you can pump up the size of your gemstones without breaking the bank.  Fine Peridot is an all around winner and it’s the perfect gemstone to add to your collection this year- the year of Greenery!

Contact us today if you’d like to see the fine peridot we have in stock or the loose gemstones that Claire has cut that are looking for homes so you, too, can own a little slice of Greenery: A piece of custom peridot jewelry!