Commissioned Custom Jewelry

*Design Consultation: The customer and HCJ will discuss multiple design points of the piece, and once details are agreed upon by both parties HCJ will review the Commission Agreement with the customer and process the deposit to hold your shop appointment.

*Design Agreement: HCJ will provide a written summary of the consultation, which includes the design elements, pictures, descriptions of stones to be used, an estimate and an estimated completion date.

*Wax Model: HCJ will hand carve a 3D wax model incorporating all the design elements discussed in consultation. The customer is asked to view the wax model either through pictures or in person for design approval. Minor changes can be made to the model at this point; however major design changes requiring a new wax model to be carved may incur an additional $350 design fee.

*Casting and Finishing: HCJ will cast and finish the piece after the wax has been approved, take professional macro photographs and contact the customer for pickup or shipping.

*Appriasals: Appraisals must be indicated in the original Design Agreement; they can be added at the end of the project, but will incur an additional fee.