All photos featured on this website are the property of Hunt Country Jewelers unless otherwise noted. All photos used in private communication with a client are property of Hunt Country Jewelers unless otherwise noted.

Photos of finished Hunt Country jewelry or loose gemstones may be posted, shared, and pinned as long as credit for both the design and the photo is accredited to Hunt Country.

Photos of unfinished jewelry or wax models may not be posted, shared, or pinned without express permission from Hunt Country. These photos are for clients use only during the commission process.

Financing is available for in stock, Hunt Country Jewelers inventory items or loose colored gemstones that have been cut in house. Financing is not available for loose diamonds, loose gemstones not cut in house or commission work. Financing is available under the following conditions:

– 20% down payment at the time of the purchase
– 90 day maximum layaway period
– 3 equal payments totaling the remainder after the 20% deposit
– 3 layaway payments will be automatically charged to your credit card on the day of your choosing in the 3 subsequent months
– Layaway item will be available for pickup or will be mailed on the day your last payment clears

Special order items, including loose gemstones and diamonds, and Commissioned Jewelry are non-returnable.

In stock Hunt Country Jewelry is returnable within 14 days for store credit or refund, minus any credit card transaction fees. All returned jewelry must be in the same condition as sold in. Damaged or changed jewelry (including sizing by anyone other than Hunt Country) will not be accepted as a return.

A longer return period may be extended for gifts purchased in advance, i.e. Christmas or birthday. Please let us know your time frame for gifting and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request.

Hunt Country is happy to consider photos and sketches of other designer’s work as ‘inspiration’ for your commissioned pieces of jewelry. We will not, under any circumstance, copy the work of another designer directly.

We expect and appreciate the same professional courtesy for our designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

It varies. A commissioned piece is priced out according to a formula combining materials and labor, so the final price will depend on what materials you choose and how much labor is involved with creating the piece.

Generally speaking, commissioned jewelry starts at $1000.

No. We refine all our own gold in house and re-alloy it back to 18K in the colors we need. The cost differences between 18K and 14K are fairly minimal and they would be eaten up in the extra labor of alloying a special batch of gold to 14K just for you.

We will consider working in 14K if we are attempting to match an existing wedding set, but the ring won’t be priced out any differently than any of our other work.

18K gold is 75% pure gold vs. 14K which is 58.3% pure gold; we feel the extra gold density in 18K translates into more longevity for the piece.

We do have some of our designs reproduced in silver for our inventory, but we do not do any commissioned work in silver. We feel it is not a good fit for many of the more expensive stones being used; it doesn’t contribute to the overall value of the piece and it is too soft to be secure enough for stones we don’t want you to lose!

Our current wait time is 8-12 weeks. It doesn’t take that long to make your piece, but it does take that long to get to your project in the line and then make it.

The timeframe does depend on a few things; it is your responsibility to communicate with us in a timely manner about things like approving a Design Agreement, coming in to view a wax, or dropping off your stones so we can begin work. We can’t stick to the timeline if we are waiting 3 weeks for you to come in and see your wax. If you make changes to the wax that may add some additional time; complex designs sometimes involve extra steps like separate carvings and castings that can add time, as well.

We have never missed a wedding and very few birthdays, and the Christmas season can be especially busy but we do everything we can to make deadlines. But please do not spring projects on us that are dependent on a deadline! We do accept rush jobs if the shop calendar allows for it, but there are fairly heavy fees associate with jumping the line. You will save money if you plan in advance!

Because it was mass produced, probably overseas, and we can’t compete with those labor costs. We are an American small business and we pay American wages. Our pieces are individually handcrafted by two Master Craftsmen and our gemstones cut by some of the best lapidaries in the country. It’s not always the case, but we’re pretty confident that our work will last longer and hold up to wear better than most mass produced commercial pieces. We never skimp on stone quality or service; our pieces appear delicate, but are never flimsy. We have a small footprint and don’t need a large slice of the market, but we do need a big enough piece of the pie to feed our families and we refuse to compromise on quality to cut costs so we can achieve that.